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Why the future of the internet depends on identity verification

By Tom Clementson June 7, 2019

Despite significant improvements in online security, some quarters of the internet remain..

Shining a light on the Dark Web

By Tom Clementson June 7, 2019

Almost everyone's heard of the Dark Web.

But few people know what it really is and how it came..

Big tech does banking

By Tom Clementson May 20, 2019

For some time now, banks have been doubling down on technology.

We’re witnessing something akin..

Why clothes rental is bang on trend

By Penny Watson May 7, 2019

 Like owning cars, buying clothes is falling out of fashion.

Just as technology is making the..

Innovate UK x Shieldpay: Building a Startup within a Scaleup

By Geoff Dunnett April 11, 2019

I’m going to start with some general platitudes on the key to success of any startup or project..

Resolutions for small business success

By Tom Clementson March 25, 2019

Keeping a small business going is not an easy task, and as a small business, or any size..

5 ways to give your small business a headstart

By Tom Clementson March 25, 2019

Coming in to the new financial year is a great time to take a breath and a step back. You can..

5 tips for digging your small business out of serious debt

By Tom Clementson March 25, 2019

If your small business gets into debt, it can quickly become difficult to keep on top of and can..

How to get press coverage for your small business

By Tom Clementson March 25, 2019

You need to promote yourself - but you're a small business and you can't afford to bring in the..


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