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The rise and risks of Facebook Marketplace

By Tom Clementson December 18, 2017

When Facebook sneezes, the rest of the online world catches a cold. Or something like that.


Escrow: Beyond the banking sector

By Tom Clementson December 14, 2017

While escrow platforms are likely to be widely adopted by the banking sector as an important..

Escrow: The future of fighting cyber crime

By Tom Clementson October 31, 2017

It is a spectre that looms large in Britain’s collective subconscious – but I’m not talking..

There's more to ice hockey than its trademark skates, sticks and sirens! And Escrow plays a part...

By Tom Clementson October 30, 2017

Escrow, which is what we use at Shieldpay to power safe and secure peer-to-peer transactions, is..

Giving is losing £2bn a year to fraudsters

By Geoff Dunnett October 27, 2017

Charities lose an estimated £2bn a year in the UK alone, as a result of fraud.1 We all know the..

The Future of Payments

By Peter Janes October 3, 2017
From being able to Smile to Pay to how a Brexit Farewell is going to shake up payments for good,..

Oh, na na... Baby I got your Bitcoin...

By Tom Clementson September 29, 2017

The rise of cryptocurrency is as remarkable as it is extraordinary. Take Bitcoin, the world’s..

The Facebook post that started it all...

By Peter Janes September 1, 2017


Hi, I'm Peter Janes and I am the founder of peer-peer payments platform Shieldpay. In early..


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