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Ridesharing and the future of the auto industry

By Tom Clementson January 19, 2018

Attitudes towards the way we travel are changing fast.

With the advent of affordable ridesharing..

The great rebundling: How tech giants are trying to swallow the world

By Tom Clementson January 19, 2018

First came The Bundling... 

In any industry, horizontal leaders (that is, leaders who occupy..

PSD2 is here, but what does it all mean?

By Willem Wellinghoff January 19, 2018

So PSD2 is here, but what does it all mean? Let's start with a brief background of payment..

Classifieds Go Mobile

By Tom Clementson January 19, 2018

Mobile isn’t a trend. It’s a structural change in the way people access information. And it’s..

Craigslist - The beginning of the end?

By Tom Clementson January 19, 2018

Craigslist is one of the darlings of the internet. 

But, for the first time in its 22-year..

Is venture capital under threat?

By Tom Squire January 2, 2018

Venture capital is under siege, it’s very existence challenged by equity crowdfunding and now..

3 Trends in Tech that will shape the Auto Industry in 2018

By Tom Clementson January 2, 2018

Given how fast technology is changing the world, it can be hard to stay on top of what is..

Driverless cars: how close are we?

By Tom Clementson December 18, 2017

Here at ShieldPay we spend a lot of time thinking about cars.

That’s natural for a bunch of..


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