Shieldpay stories

Financial crime: A look at the numbers

By Tom Clementson January 13, 2019

The FCA recently published a landmark report on financial crime. Whilst it’s not the sort of..

Stuck with unwanted Christmas gifts? Here’s how to shift them online.

By Tom Clementson January 2, 2019

The festive season involves a lot of hard choices.

Should you get a real Christmas tree or a..

Shieldpay Press | Shieldpay agree global partnership with Visa

By Penny Watson December 17, 2018

PRESS RELEASEShieldpay agrees partnership with Visa to enable secure use of payment cards on..

Inside the identity verification boom

By Tom Clementson December 13, 2018

Everyone knows that we’re paying for more things online. But most people don’t know how quickly..

Accounting tips for small businesses

By Tom Clementson November 27, 2018

When you own a small business the list of things to consider is endless, and it can be hard to..

Daily habits to develop your accounting skills

By Tom Clementson November 26, 2018

Managing the accounting for your own business isn't easy. It takes work and a lot of that is up..

Payments in Africa: Only the beginning

By Tom Clementson July 24, 2018

Innovative payments solutions are growing throughout Africa.

This is thanks to a huge wave of..

The death of classifieds

By Tom Clementson July 24, 2018

Classifieds have been around since before the birth of the internet.

 They have not only grown,..


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