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Demystifying Third-Party-Managed Accounts (TPMAs)

By Geoff Dunnett December 2, 2019

Third-Party-Managed Accounts (TPMAs) are nothing new, usually labelled as ‘escrow accounts’ or..

TPMAs: A new way of working that saves your firm time and money

By Geoff December 2, 2019

Technology is having a profound impact at all levels of our society.  Nowhere is this truer than..

The rise of proptech venture funds

By Geoff Dunnett November 5, 2018

It may have taken time for proptech to establish itself as a bonafide investment category, but..

Proptech and the future of Property

By Geoff Dunnett November 5, 2018

The property market is changing fast.

When it comes to technology, the property industry has..

Life's biggest purchases... Your car

By Tom Clementson November 5, 2018

Today, we’re looking at one of the most expensive purchases you can make in your lifetime: a car.

Is it time you bought an electric car?

By Tom Clementson November 5, 2018

Electric cars were once the stuff of sci-fi movies. They’re now a regular fixture 



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