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Shieldpay | Developer - Replace With Refund New API Feature

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Our new Replace with Refund (RWR) feature allows you to easily change the amount of a transaction without altering the original transaction. Think: negotiating, bartering and part refunds, all in real time.

RWR returns the difference to the payer instantly, to bank, card or My Vault.

When is this useful?

There are number of different use cases, but as quick example, think:

  • If two bottles are broken in a shipment of wine, and the order value needs to be reduced
  • You're inspecting a car and it's not is as good condition as you expected - a partial refund can be processed instantly so you can continue with the sale
  • A builder is completing a project, but you need to return some money because the cost of materials came in lower than the quote

Note: The RWR must always be lower than the 'negotiated' price

Here's what you'll see in there Shieldpay Dev Centre:

 Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 19.14.17

What you need to pass:

  1. Organisation key
  2. Transaction key (this will be the same as the original)
  3. Email (Org)
  4. Amount
  5. New fee count ("-1" = default to original)

So long as the amounts are less than the original, we generate a replacement duplicate transaction with the new amount. The description and the currency remain the same as the original.

Here's what the customer will see:

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 19.14.34

So, in a nutshell, 

  • A funded transaction is immediately replaced with one of a lower ammount
  • A part-refund is immediately sent to the buyer
  • We generate a payment between the users, for the new amount
  • We mark the original transaction as replace & refunded for both users to see

It's that simple! 
Want to chat it us about it more? Access the Shieldpay developer centre by getting in touch.

Nanoo Nanoo,

Shieldpay Dev


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