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Insights, commentary and news from our friends and partners
Daniel Dunne Jul-24 2023 23 min read

Shieldcast notes: Recovering digital assets: The role of a blockchain litigation lawyer

Blockchain technology has unleashed a revolution across various industries, introducing a new digital landscape with ...
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Daniel Dunne Apr-24 2023 36 min read

Shieldcast notes: Advice for lawyers navigating the litigation funding market

Our latest instalment of the Class Actions Shieldcast series features Lara Melrose, Litigation Finance Portfolio ...
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Claire Van Der Zant Feb-13 2023 21 min read

Shieldcast notes: Purpose-led disruptors: The new age of group litigation

Episode 3 of the Shieldcast Class Actions series is hosted by Claire Van Der Zant, Revenue Director of Shieldpay, who ...
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James Stubbs Nov-21 2022 15 min read

Webinar insights: The future of claimant account verification

James Stubbs, Financial Crime Systems Manager, summaries the key points and insights shared on our recent webinar with ...
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Daniel Dunne Nov-03 2022 17 min read

Shieldcast notes: Key insights from Clare Ducksbury on the role technology is playing in the development of the class action market

Daniel Dunne summarises his 5 key takeaways from the conversation he had with Clare Ducksbury, Founder and CEO of Case ...
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Jen Dickson Sep-02 2022 16 min read

The driving forces behind the Class Action revolution: setting the industry in motion

Jen Dickson explores the explosion of class actions in the UK, looking at it from all angles to discuss the key factors ...
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