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Insights, commentary and news from our friends and partners
Scott Newby Sep-26 2023 9 min read

Consumer Duty: What is it and how will it impact financial services?

Scott Newby shines some light on the new FCA Consumer Duty regime, covering what it is, what it means for financial ...
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Bonnie Green Sep-15 2023 7 min read

Inside Shieldpay | Ignition Breakfasts: Learning and insight sharing

Bonnie Green, Solutions Architect, shares their experience launching our Ignition Breakfasts and considers the drivers ...
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Andrew Hawkins Sep-06 2023 9 min read

Time is Money: Three quarters of lawyers struggle with client cash handling as law firms grapple with admin avalanche

Junior lawyers in the eye of the storm as 9 in 10 express concern over time and risks of manual payment processing. A ...
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Luke Spray Aug-11 2023 12 min read

Inside Shieldpay | IT services for a scaling fintech: The first steps

Luke Spray, Service Desk Manager at Shieldpay, reflects on his recent work bringing our IT services in-house and shares ...
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Ollie Kirk-Smith Aug-04 2023 16 min read

Escrow uncovered: Exploring escrow's diverse range of applications in transactional law

Ollie Kirk-Smith explores the diverse range of applications escrow services has in transactional law to uncover how law ...
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Daniel Dunne Jul-24 2023 23 min read

Shieldcast notes: Recovering digital assets: The role of a blockchain litigation lawyer

Blockchain technology has unleashed a revolution across various industries, introducing a new digital landscape with ...
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