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Claire Van Der Zant Aug-10 2022 1 min read

Growth opportunities for online marketplaces

In one form or another, marketplaces have been the bedrock of commerce for centuries. In the beginning, marketplaces were developed to satisfy the basic needs of buyers and sellers, providing a convenient one-stop location where sellers could compete, buyers could compare, and deals could be struck.

Those basic needs still exist, but the role online marketplaces play in our society today has evolved tremendously - and the opportunities for growth appear never-ending. 

We take an in-depth look at some of those opportunities, drawing on Paycast’s latest research, conducted with the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), to find out why marketplaces have soared in popularity and, crucially, what they can do to carry on soaring.

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The report covers:

  • The definition of online marketplaces, their impact and potential
  • Sector-specific growth
  • UK marketplaces
  • Drivers of success of online marketplaces
  • The benefits of using marketplaces
  • How marketplaces can fulfil their growth potential

Read the report