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Buy your next car with Driveway Checkout,  by Shieldpay

Introducing Driveway Checkout by Shieldpay

Buying your car online has always been a bit of a headache when it comes to payment.

For some it means counting out cash sitting on the side of the road, for others simply a blind bank transfer to a complete stranger. In both cases you’re in for a scary ride that can lead to a situation where a fraudster takes your car, you never get paid - or know who they are. 


We want to make your life saferDiscovery-1.png

We built Shieldpay to enable anyone anywhere to pay for a car with total confidence, by bank transfer or card. Once the funds are in the Shieldpay vault you're protected until both sides in the deal agree they're happy to release funds.

What’s more, no one joins our network until we can verify their identity, so you don’t have to worry.


We want to make your life easier

Making an offer on a car with Shieldpay couldn’t be simpler. Either on a partner website or direct to us, once the money is in the vault you’re good to go and meetup with the seller.

You'll be safe in the knowledge that you can still cancel the transaction, and your money isn't going anywhere.

Pay your way

Once you've chosen your ideal vehicle, you'll need to add money to our Vault. This protects both BLOGPBBA2.pngsides in the transaction and you can cancel at any time safe in the knowledge that your money will be refunded.BLOGPBBA1.png

PBBA button.png

You can pay by card or bank transfer or choose to use one of our super slick alternative payment options, such as Pay By Bank app. Theres no need to download anything, you can simply move money from your existing Pingit or UK Bank App, in seconds.


Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 17.54.45.png

Couple of dings in the wings?

No problem, if you find you need to lower the price, the seller simply clicks “change price” in a message sent from Shieldpay.

Then, check your email and agree to the new price. 

Ready to roll?

Now, make sure everything is in order, check you’re happy with the new price and simply follow the link to SNAP a photo of the car registration plate – and you’re done.

You can also enter the registration number manually or choose to log in and complete if you’re not a speed merchant.


Tap and Snap.png

Built for security

We built our car checkout with ultra-secure hosting, and great tools from our friends over at Amazon Web Services. 

Shieldpay's industrial strength encryption, fraud tools and fancy features are part of a suite of solutions designed to get you in the driving seat, fast.

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Buckle up!






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