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Shieldpay stories

Penny Watson

Why clothes rental is bang on trend

By Penny Watson May 7, 2019

 Like owning cars, buying clothes is falling out of fashion.

Just as technology is making the..

The past, present and future of the gig economy

By Penny Watson May 7, 2019

For a long time, salaried employment has been seen as superior to freelance work. Job security,..

How innovation is transforming the mortgage market

By Penny Watson May 7, 2019

As with so many parts of our lives, the mortgage industry is being revolutionised by digital..

From start-up to scale-up

By Penny Watson May 7, 2019

What exactly is the difference between a “start-up” and a “scale-up”? Both terms seem to be used..

Good news for fraud victims

By Penny Watson May 7, 2019

Bank transfer fraud is a complete nightmare. To say it can be life-changing is an..

The rise and rise of point of sale finance

By Penny Watson March 7, 2019

Point of sale finance doesn’t have a catchy name. But that hasn’t stopped it taking the world by..

Shieldpay Press | Shieldpay agree global partnership with Visa

By Penny Watson December 17, 2018

PRESS RELEASEShieldpay agrees partnership with Visa to enable secure use of payment cards on..


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