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Geoff Dunnett

What are the hidden costs of buying a house? Shieldpay's top ten

By Geoff Dunnett November 5, 2018

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases of your life, so it’s important to be prepared..

Top Tips - Guide to buying a house

By Geoff Dunnett November 5, 2018

    1. Research

Before going to see a house, spend some time getting to know the area by doing..

Top Tips - Guide to renting an apartment abroad

By Geoff Dunnett November 4, 2018

    1. Research the area

Start your search from home and google what’s available and get a feel..

How can the government help me buy a home? 5 schemes available right now

By Geoff Dunnett November 4, 2018

    1. Help to buy

Help to buy is a scheme where the government will lend you 20% of the..

Is generation rent here to stay?

By Geoff Dunnett October 30, 2018

The proptech revolution is driving unprecedented change in the property industry, especially in..

Life's most stressful purchase just became seamless

By Geoff Dunnett June 4, 2018

We're excited to announce that at Shieldpay we've powered the UK's first fully digital real..

Giving is losing £2bn a year to fraudsters

By Geoff Dunnett October 27, 2017

Charities lose an estimated £2bn a year in the UK alone, as a result of fraud.1 We all know the..


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