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5 things your small business needs to spend more money on

Starting up your small business will give you lots to think about and provide you with lots of areas that require you to spend. These are five things that many small businesses overlook when spending, so be sure to factor them into your budget,  and you won’t regret it.

   1. Design

The branding and design of your company are going to be one of the first things that a potential customer will see about your business, and could be the difference between them deciding to use you or looking elsewhere. If your business sells products, make sure they’re quality items that work as they should, and if you’re selling a service make sure that your service is reliable and efficient. Most businesses overlook these areas and under-invest in their design, especially graphic design. According to research customers will pay the most attention to your company's logo, so it is worth investing in the services of a reputable and well-known design company. Your website should also be easy to navigate and look professional, as this will make customers more willing to spend their money with you.

   2. Accounting services

Hiring an external accounting firm can help optimise your business and reduce the wastage and inefficiencies that are limiting its progression. It will increase the number of hours that you have available, so you can put them into other important areas of your business, potentially creating more profit in the long run. Failing to make this investment means you’ll likely create an inefficient and ineffective business that is spending money unnecessarily. External accounting firms can also help with legal advice. As a startup, you might think that it is not worth your money, however, it is always important to have a good lawyer around. Their advice can help you review new contracts, as well as making sure that your business is complying with the appropriate laws. There are plenty of apps and low-cost software programs that can help you get started if you aren’t sure how to keep accounting records properly, such as Xero and Quickbooks. They can help you to keep track of payroll, and also get an idea of where you’re spending unnecessarily.

   3. Protection

Using a reputable law firm will enable you to protect your business from potential legal issues, including writing and reviewing legal contracts, ensuring you have not violated any laws within your business and mediating when entering legal disputes. Many new entrepreneurs will dismiss this at the beginning of their work, claiming that it is more worthwhile to include it when the business is running smoothly. This is a big mistake that could potentially get your business into serious legal complications. Consider getting a lawyer to go through your paperwork, ensuring that everything is completed according to the book. Spending money on insurance will help your business to grow. Disaster could strike at any time, and not having insurance will be catastrophic and will potentially end your business.

   4. Marketing

Marketing for your business includes knowing your product’s target audience and ensuring that your advertising will be relevant for them, whilst making sure its coherent and consistent. As an emerging business, reaching the correct customers and converting it to revenue can be one of the toughest things to get right, as your target audience is constantly changing. It is a serious job that will require a very well-thought-out plan with enough money behind it. If you lack the experience or drive it's worth spending the time to find dedicated people that will be able to reach the goals to drive your business forward.

   5. Technology

Keep up to date with technology that can help your business. Programs like instant messaging systems, content management systems and document organisation systems are most likely to have an instant effect on your businesses productivity. Your website not only needs to be designed to be pleasing to look at but must also contain key information about your business. To help advance your startup, invest in the technology it needs - this includes good web services as well as making sure that you have the right cell and data coverage. Technology should even include making sure that you have the most suitable payment and invoicing systems.


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