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The challenges of fundraising

By Nabila Kazi July 7, 2020

Picture this scenario:  You’ve been hit with a great idea for a new company and now you’re..

3 best practices for buying or selling a business with earnouts during times of uncertainty

By Filippo Borzatta July 6, 2020

With business uncertainty comes extraordinary challenges in using traditional models to arrive..

Be a lawyer not a bank - the business case for escrow

By Geoff Dunnett July 3, 2020

SRA Accounts Rule 3.3 makes it very clear that firms cannot provide banking facilities. When..

Capital fundraising: What you really need to know about your investors

Six months following from the implementation of the Fifth Money Laundering Directive,..

Identity fraud: The challenge facing legal firms

By Shieldpay June 15, 2020

Previously, in this article, we discussed the challenge that fraud poses to legal services. In..

What is escrow?

By Shieldpay May 20, 2020

Escrow is an age-old concept, and a term unfamiliar to most, but is becoming increasingly..

How to transact with confidence amidst the surge of Covid-19 related PPE fraud

By Nabila Kazi May 7, 2020

The Covid-19 health emergency has weakened global supply-chain security and rendered the world a..

This is the great lockdown

By Nabila Kazi April 23, 2020

2020 has delivered global pandemonium in a way that can only be compared to what conspiracy..

Escrow as a new way to manage supply chain risk

By Geoff Dunnett April 17, 2020

The resilience of our medical systems are under a huge amount of pressure amidst this..


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